Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sofa So Good

Sinkable. Cushy. Sit-a-licious.

When American Leather launched their latest sofa collections last October, those were exactly the words that came into my head. Given the fact they don't appear in any dictionary, you can tell I was reaching for new, bigger, better ways to say, "Oh my gosh. This sofa is so comfortable I never want to leave."

It's about time for a unadulterated cush-fest.

The last couple of years we've been dazzled with button-tufted, shelter back, Regency glam by the likes of Jonathan Adler, Kelly Wearstler and American Leather's own dynamic duo, Goodman Charleton.

I do love the glam.

But there are times, I'd like to just to pull out the Snuggie and watch a marathon day of the Housewives of Beverly Hills in down pillow comfort.

That's when I want the new Moore, shown here in fabric with a flat welt, delivered immediately.

It's like two structured, down-filled pillows framed by two more boxy pouf arms. There's a great tension between the casual devil-may care comfort and the subtle nod to structure, like a beautifully crafted linen suit that elevates plain and rumpled into aristocratic insouciance.

As American Leather does in this picture, pair it with bling accessories to bring out some attitude. Go even further and try a waxed lustrous leather like Haven for all around sheen. Heavenly!

If the Moore is a little too deconstructed for your modern-loving style, you can get the same comfort with a more polished look. See the Tuscany.

The Tuscany is so European chic you practically need a passport to buy it. Low profile. Wide arms.

It's still Snuggie-worthy but but instead of watching TV like me, you'll probably be perusing the latest wedding news about Prince Wills and Kate Middleton on your iPad. Who says all the drama is on reality television?

Either way, I'll race you to the corner.

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