Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sleep in style with a beautiful bed

Perhaps best known for our sofas, sectionals and sleepers, American Leather also offers an impressive and versatile assortment of beds and headboards.

Each style is available in several sizes, and of course, you can pick the perfect cover, even if it’s a fabric or leather that we don’t stock.

For contemporary looks, the Menlo Park bed, designed by Rick Lee and pictured above, gives off a contemporary vibe, with its metal legs and the clean curve from headboard to platform. But the rest are chameleons, capable of adapting to the style of the room; a rich brown leather, for instance, makes them traditional, but a creamy Ultrasuede lends a transitional or contemporary look.

And the Loja headboard, available with optional matching rails, solves all kinds of design problems. Upholstered and padded with crisp buttonless tufting, the Loja ships with a wall-mounting system that can be installed at exactly the perfect height for the mattress, regardless of how tall or short it is.

Other beds from the American Leather line:

Montecito by Rick Lee: For a glamorous interpretation of a sleigh bed.

Copeland: As a full bed or just a headboard, this design is distinctively handsome and is available with optional nailhead trim.

Metropolitan: One of our all-time favorites, Metropolitan has an architectural look with its rectangular patterns.

Shaw: From the renowned designers Goodman Charleton, this is a sophisticated, perhaps even glamourous, bed with a high shelter back.

Menlo Park, Montecito and Shaw are platform beds. Copeland and Metropolitan ship with slats, and they work best with half-height foundations. The Loja rails, which do not connect to the wall-mounted headboard, are decorative only with no slats or platform, designed to hide the bed frame.

All the details are on our web site, and you should visit an authorized American Leather retailer for more information and samples.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Every day is Earth Day

Home furnishings trends change with the calendar, but we're proud to say that being environmentally aware and responsible never goes out of style at American Leather. Everybody who visits our sparkling factory, even the jaded furniture guys who've been there and done that, are amazed how pristine we keep our operations. And when it comes to doing the right thing, the beauty is way more than skin deep.
With our industry-leading production systems, we maximize the use of all our resources, and if we can't use it, we recycle it. For a list of our major green initiatives, check this out. But we're also continually reviewing our practices and looking for ways to improve. Of course, just the fact that our factory is in the United States gives our products a much smaller carbon footprint than those that are shipped across oceans before they are put on another truck.
Earth Day may be coming up, April 29, but at American Leather, we've always felt that environmental responsibility is a year-round priority. We salute all of you who share our commitment!

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