Tuesday, May 19, 2015

We've Got the Blues

American Leather Luxe sofa in Flagstaff Marina leather.
Let’s just call it the ‘unofficial’ color of the year. Although it didn’t claim at top spot on color forecasters’ lists, navy is suddenly everywhere. Whether mixed with hot pink in updated nautical motifs (think anchors and stripes) or paired with burgundy shades that echo Pantone’s Color of the Year--Marsala--this classic hue has certainly made its way back into our hearts and homes, in both accents and statement pieces that become the focal point of the room.

The new Bea chair in Italian Classic Peacock
Peacock can be considered navy’s peppier cousin and is a great way to add interest and life to your d├ęcor. Peacock paired with beige or white looks both clean and fresh and alongside gray takes on an air of rich sophistication. 

Although they may be getting the most design attention, the current blues repertoire isn’t limited to navy and peacock. Periwinkle, cobalt, slate, indigo, and lapis are all on-trend hues to explore and can be found among American Leather’s array of leather and fabric choices for your custom-created furniture.  And if you just can’t commit to that peacock sectional, consider American Leather’s ottomans, benches, and even pillows—all small touches that can make a big color statement in your space.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Where Wallpaper and Furniture Meet

If you are like many of us, after that last day spent with a steamer and scraper, you said, “never again.” But wallpaper is back in big way and the trend shows no signs of waning anytime soon. Whether you want to make a bold statement with large patterns and rich colors or introduce subtle sophistication with tone-on-tone patterns, there are more options available than ever.

Brightly colored pieces like these McCartney chairs in
Elmo Soft Strawberry Fields can provide color cues for wallpaper.

Your American Leather furniture can inspire your wallpaper selection. A brightly hued upholstered or leather piece can provide a color cue for your wall-covering; simply choose a pattern that incorporates the color somewhere in the design or let your furniture take center stage with a solid or slightly textured wallpaper as a backdrop. Neutral leather or fabric can be paired with almost any wallpaper motif and can be accessorized with pillows that pick up color, pattern, or themes of your wallpaper. If your sofa or chair has a bold pattern, that doesn’t mean your wallpaper can’t have a design as well just make sure the patterns ‘play well’ together so they don’t create visual noise in your space.

 For those who prefer matching wallpaper exactly to upholstery—another trend making a comeback—American Leather can help you accomplish that unified look in which furniture seemingly becomes part of the background rather than standing out.  If your wallpaper has a matching fabric available, we can cover your American Leather chairs or sofa in the material you provide. Simply ask your retailer about the Customer Owned Material (or COM) option.

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