Monday, February 11, 2013

Square pegs, round holes – We have them both

Uno ottomans, now available round as well as square, continue to be among our most functional and versatile pieces.

Whether you employ them as TV-dinner trays or overflow seating, the Uno makes life easy, rolling smartly into position on casters and always looks good doing it.

We’ve been making these adorable little scamps for the past decade, and they continue to be crowd pleasers, especially since last year when we added the cylindrical version to go with the long-running cube.


A seat, a table, a stylish way to store your extra stuff…The beauty is that you can have it any way you like, and the top is an upholstered cushion or, flip it over, and it’s a tray table.

This assumption could be a shot in the dark, but we strongly suspect that the hidden storage under the lid is frequently a quick-and-easy catch-all for table clutter just before the guests arrive – at least, it is in our house.

We have seen that Uno’s work really well in pairs, and more than a few times, people have put four squares together to create a large and extremely versatile cocktail table. For measurements and more information, go here.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lean back and set a spell – and look good doing it

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it? American Leather’s Comfort Recliners provide infinite comfort while maintaining a room’s design integrity.

The age-old problem with the recliner is the married couple’s lament - he likes it because it’s comfortable, great for watching games, movies or for snoozing, and she objects to furniture with all the style and shape of a marshmallow man. To make matters worse, when the chair opens, the metal mechanism has all the charm of a medieval torture device.

Comfort Recliners are the solution to settle both sides of that argument. They sit just as comfortably as any recliner. In fact, because each style is available in four sizes and can be adjusted any number of ways, the Comfort Recliner provides a custom fit. Here’s how:
·      The height on the swivel version is adjustable from 19 inches seat height to a bit more than 21 inches.
·      The headrest pillow slides up or down and it can be tilted forward for optimum TV-viewing posture.
·      The footrest operates independently from the reclining back, allowing users to prop their feet up without leaning back – great for reading newspapers and magazines.
·      Infinitely adjustable. Set the footrest as high or low as you want it with our patented Comfort Release handle. The back operates intuitively. It goes back only as far as you want to lean back.

Just as important, they just look great. Open or closed.

Even when they are closed, the seven Comfort Recliner styles have more design panache than the typical recliner, but when they open – oh, my – that’s when they really sparkle. 

You see, the footrest is fully upholstered so there’s no comfort gap under your legs. This helps hide the mechanism, but even if you duck under the chair to look, you will see that the mechanism under the foot rest is entirely in a polished stainless-steel finished metal. It bears repeating: the Comfort Recliner looks great open or closed.

And you have tons of options to further customize your best seat in the house. Such as:

The swivel base is available upholstered with the same leather or fabric that the chair is covered in, or you can have it in metal with a stainless finish, or you can have it in wood with Espresso, Acorn or Walnut finish.
If you don’t need or want a swivel base, get it with wood legs in Espresso, Acorn or Walnut.
With the four distinct sizes, we have one to fit everyone from petite women to LARGE men.

Visit one of our Comfort Recliner gallery dealers to sit test this innovative new product.

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