Monday, January 24, 2011

The Best of American Leather: The Anniversary Collection

Twenty years is a long time. Enough time to look back and see trends come and go. Enough time to recognize a flash in the pan from a classic.

Think back 20 years. What was your favorite song in 1990-91?

Chances are you were groovin’ to the sounds of some Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, and M.C. Hammer. You may even have a pair of flashy harem pants like Mr. M.C. in some back closet waiting for a fashion revival. Don’t count on it.

Most fashion is meant to be fly by, thankfully. Trends come in with a fit of loud noises and splashy fanfare but they don't last. I don’t think there was anyone who didn’t try one of M.C.’s dance steps. I mean, that was back when MTV played the same 20 music videos every day. How could you miss trying?

That wasn’t the only thing happening back in 1990 and 91. Just about that time, American Leather was just getting started in the back of warehouse in Dallas. Three young entrepreneurs saw an opportunity to be the best and biggest leather furniture manufacturer in the United States and they took it.

Along the way they had their fashion hits and misses. Fortunately, the hits have far outweighed the misses.

Now, the company is celebrating those hits -- the classics. Over the last 20 years, American Leather has introduced almost a thousand different furniture collections. Out of those, the company has gathered the “best of the best” into a special “Anniversary Collection.”

The Anniversary Collection represents the top 11 (because 10 was not enough) collections over the last 20 years.

Take a look at American Leather's:











Which is your favorite? There’s no doubt you’ll love it for a long time – even 20 years from now.

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