Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Touch of Pillow Whimsy

What’s the common denominator of sophisticated living spaces?

Classic design, assured color palettes, graceful room arrangements – they’re all good answers. But the answer I’d give is whimsy. A touch of it in a room is a sure-fire mark of sophistication.

That’s right. One light-hearted, highly individual item can be all it takes to move a space from safely presentable to memorable. A whimsical element never dominates, but rather, sparks its own small magic.

It could be that crayon drawing your five-year-old niece made of your cat that you framed and placed on a living room bookcase, or the vintage diner sign you found at a flea market and have hanging in your dining room.

It might be as simple as a pillow that makes you smile every time you see it on your living room couch.

The tongue-in-chic Happy Hot Dog pillow pair was created by award-winning designer Supon Phornirunlit ( and recently featured in Elle Decor. And the witty Google pillows -- captured on Metropolitan Home’s Savvy/Chic blog – are the creation of French designer Elodie Blanchard (

Here we have two sophisticated artists who take fun seriously. Picture pillows like these in your life. A small, soft touch, but a mighty one. Put something this charming in your living room and just try not to smile.

And for the perfect backdrop for these touches of whimsy? I’d pick the universally pleasing Lola sofa or chair.

(by Marya Smith)

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