Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Quick Ways to Makeover Your Room

You don’t have to spend hours redecorating a room that has become dull. One new addition or simple re purposing can give your space a face lift without a complete makeover.

Update window treatments. Replacing heavy or dark draperies will change the perspective of your whole room. Opt for sheers to bring in more light for an airy feel, or panels for a modern, bolder look.

Add a surprising color. One of the simplest and least expensive ways to spruce up a room is to add splashes of color. To really mix it up, think outside the box. A coral, lime or fuchsia piece adds a surprising and refreshing element. Just make sure to stick to accessories or an accent chair to keep it from becoming overpowering.

For a more conservative approach, varied patterns and textures can be mixed with solid furniture to inject some life back into a room with minimal cost.

Mix up your flooring. Try a new rug in a different color, texture or size to brighten up a room in one easy step.

Go for a clustered effect. Sick of staring at that lonesome piece of artwork hanging in the middle of your wall? Update your wall decor by grouping several smaller pieces to fill more space and add more visual interest.

Adjust your lighting. Add a new table or floor lamp or simply update a lampshade or a light source. Changing to a softer or brighter light will change the feel of a space and it may also change the hue of your room’s color palette.

Add visual interest with mirrors. Mirrors add depth and richness to a room. Use several small mirrors rather than one large to give a room even more dimension.

Switch out your centerpieces. Group objects of one color together to add a monochromatic touch to a neutral space. Replace a coffee or end table with an ottoman with a flat top that can double as a table.

Use glass vases, wicker baskets or other containers and fill them with fresh fruits or vegetables. Using natural items to decorate with color is easy and simple.

Sprucing up a tired room is often as easy as switching out a few staples. Simply adding splashes of color, new lamps or switching out a table for an ottoman are easy and inexpensive ways to bring life back to your space.

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