Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Performance fabrics: Upholstery fabrics that defy “wear and tear”

American Leather offers more than 150 fabrics that are exceptionally durable and stain resistant, including Ultrasuede and Crypton.

Although our name says “leather”, American Leather has been producing beautiful fabric upholstery for more than a decade, and our lineup now includes more than 300 fabric covers, as well as COM, that can be applied to any of our sofas, chairs, beds and benches.

And if you’re already familiar with American Leather’s commitment to function and durability, you won’t be surprised to know that many of our fabrics offer superior durability and stain-resist characteristics. They look and feel great, of course, but they’re also tough enough to stand up to heavy use without losing their lustrous good looks.

We’ve been working longest of all with Ultrasuede Ambiance by Toray. This is the original microfiber that still sets the standard for hand, drape and durability. It feels like soft, plush suede, but it’s engineered to meet the most demanding standars for everything from residential furnishings to first-class aviation and luxury marine and RV interiors.

Highly abrasion resistant, Ultrasuede won’t wear out, even after 200,000 Wyzenbeek double rubs; it’s spot-cleanable and washable and it provides excellent colorfastness while resisting sagging, crocking, pilling and shrinking. And on top of all that, Ultrasuede Ambiance, which is covered by a 10-year warranty, is available in 97 colors.

An exciting recent addition to the American Leather lineup, Crypton fabrics are familiar to designers who have worked on health-care or other commercial projects where powerful performance is imperative. With patented barrier technology, Crypton fabrics repel liquids, and stains and spills wipe right up so that cushions stay clean and dry.

American Leather now offers two sets of fabric from Crypton. We have Atlas by Crypton, which comes in 10 colors with a bit of mélange in each, and Eden, also 10 colors but all solids. Both are soft to the touch, and yet they provide this amazing performance that protects furniture and keeps it looking great.

Long-time fans of American Leather and our Comfort Sleeper program will have fond memories of our Life Fabrics, Veelife and Suedelife. Now available on all fames, these microfibers – the 10 Veelife colors have a herringbone pattern and the 36 Suedelife colors are solids with a brushed nap -- provide the the soft, plush feel and comfort of suede, but they are very strong and durable and provide excellent resistance to fading.

Perhaps best of all, light stains on Suedelife fabrics can usually be cleaned with lukewarm water and mild soap; heavier stains can be removed with commercial cleaners, although you should always test a small, discreet spot to make sure the cleaner doesn’t damage the fabric’s color. In our tests, we were able to remover everything from red wine to yellow mustard, even Sharpie ink.

All of these fabrics are easy to live with, comfortable and they come in an array of colors so that you can pick the perfect hue for your design project.


Mac said...
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Keiko said...


I got a small ink stain on the beautiful cream-color SuedeLife upholstery of my sleeper sofa armrest. What should I use to remove the ink stain?

Keiko Hsu

TwiceCharmed said...

I love my sofa but it is terribly pilled now. I am so disappointed. We were also told by a retailer that is no longer in business that we were purchasing the fabric in ultrasudede but as it turns out it is is sueded microfiber. I would love to have it restuffed and reupholstered but I thought that would be covered under warranty. However since the retailer in Dallas doesn't exist anymore I don't know what to do.

JCF said...

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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

My white ultrasuede sofa has some large yellowed spots. how can i clean them?